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RAISE is worlds leading manufacturer of high quality carbide & hss key cutting tools for over 12 years.

RAISE & KeyCare join hands together to cater the needs of locksmiths market in India. Our mission is to educate the locksmith about choosing the correct tool for his key cutting machine by ensuring his cost per key and efficiency, thereby delivering a satisfactory service to the end consumer.

RAISE manufactures key cutting tools for Silca, Keyline, Wenxing, Gladiad, Modern, JMA, Xhorse & many other brand key machines.

In order to ensure the quality of our products, RAISE has established the most complete milling cutter testing center in the industry. Our cutters go through a multi-step process where inspections and examinations are done to test sharpness, wear resistance and suitability of freshly cut keys.

Try RAISE cutters and feel the difference.